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released April 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Teenage Strangers Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Aggressive
you are all the same
spiteful and filled with hate
i'm not ever good enough
to be in your boys club
but you can't take my rage
i'm here to stay

tried to get rid of me
tried to push me out
am i too aggressive?
tell me i'm tough enough
you are all the same
i'm here to stay
Track Name: Hardcore Blows
no, that's not just how it is

who gave you the right?
when can i have worth?
when can i have an opinion?
when will i have the right to be here?

no, doesn't fucking mean convince me

and it never will
do you hear me now?
when will there be change?
when will it be different?

let me guess
you expect me to get
on my knees and beg
well, you're fucking wrong
Track Name: Battleground
i never said i liked it when he shoved himself inside me
he just assumed it was okay because i was his girlfriend
and isn't that what good girlfriends do?
they spread their legs as far as they can for you
and now i'm stuck wondering if i'll ever be happy again
or if i was ever happy to begin with
i know i wasn't happy when he forced himself upon me
and i know that isn't what he was expecting

they said your body is a temple
but it feels more like a battleground
when you're fighting off
strangers and neighbors hands
underneath tables and at shows
it doesn't even fucking matter anymore

we all must know the basic skills to survive

my body is not my body
it's just something to conquer
Track Name: Ruiner
cis boy, you don't impress me
cis boy, you ruin everything

walk around the show
like you think you own the place
getting in my way
and taking too much space
your macho tough guy moves
and your shitty asshole jokes
but it's no fun for anyone
Track Name: I Can Yell, Too
i see men lose their temper every day
screaming and yelling, faces red
why am i supposed to be silent?
why am i supposed to accept anger quietly?
my reasons are valid, my voice needs heard
i can't fucking take this anymore

seen, but never heard
composed, and quiet
sweet, and silent
i will be heard

i've felt excluded my whole life
but you get upset when we exclude you
why won't you ever listen to me?
why can't i have a say in anything?
sick and tired of silence
my reasons are valid, my voice needs heard
i can't fucking take this anymore

i will be heard